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If you’re short on time, and you just want to find the best dissecting microscopes, this paragraph should help you get just the model you may need. According to our findings, the AmScope SM-4TZ-144A is the best because it’s a professional trinocular microscope that does precisely what it has been designed to do. Packed with cutting-edge features, the AmScope manages to combine affordability with excellent capabilities, given that it offers users more than enough room to handle their specimens and look at the exact areas that might be of interest to them. The objective comes with a continuous zoom magnification that may be customized between 0.7X and 4.5X, depending on the pieces you’re trying to analyze. What’s more, if you choose the AmScope SM-4TZ-144A, you’ll have complete control of the light intensity and direction of the rheostat as it is composed of 144 LED bulbs and can be removed or even replaced. The eyepieces, the Barlow lens, as well as the zoom objective are all part of the deal with this unit. If the AmScope SM-4TZ-144A is unavailable, your second option should be the AmScope SE400X as it is almost just as good in terms of performance.



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It’s more or less difficult to buy a good dissecting microscope nowadays, as the market seems to be overflowing with high-end alternatives. If you’ve been having a bit of trouble with figuring out what features are must-haves and which ones you can do without, perhaps you’d benefit from reading our buying guide. It’s packed with useful info that you can utilize during your buying journey so that you’re able to get the best value for the money.

A.1 Best dissecting microscope 2000


While most stereo microscopes function using the same principles, there are many differences between one model and the next. This is why we urge you to estimate your needs and preferences before selecting a certain product.

You have to ask yourself a simple question. What will you be using your microscope for? Biologists might be looking for the best dissecting microscope for botany whereas teachers may be interested in getting a model that works best under many circumstances so that they’re able to show students various specimens. The same type of microscope is used by watchmakers and electrical engineers, as well as hobbyists and jewelers.  While it is important to select a model that suits your requirements, sometimes it’s just as crucial to focus on the typical features that you might find in other kinds, as well.


Construction quality

Even in this sense, not all microscopes are created the same. Some people tend to think that products manufactured in China and other places in Asia are never able to raise up to par. While that might be true, on some accounts, sometimes it’s a good idea to check the product description and even read some of the best dissecting microscopes reviews to know what you’ll be getting.

Optics have to be made out of glass instead of plastic and the housing should be constructed of metal. If you’re looking for a model that manages to withstand the test of time, we urge you to avoid getting any plastic unit as housings made of this material can crack fairly easily, or even warp, if you do your job in the sunlight. Just think of it this way. If the housing is affected one way or the other, the components of the microscope might suffer, as well. Therefore, you might end up with an unusable product sooner or later.


Gear construction

As is the case with the optics and housings, the gears in a microscope can be made of various materials. It goes without saying that plastic is a no-go unless you want to buy a dissecting microscope for kids. Educational options usually feature metal or nylon gears. Some of the models that you’ll find come with metal gears can often times be very expensive as the production of these units costs more for the manufacturers. Recently, many brands have started to make the gears out of nylon, which is somewhere in the middle of plastic and metal with regard to durability and price.



Getting a monocular or binocular alternative is a matter of personal preferences. If you have nothing against using just one when analyzing a specimen, by all means, you’re more than free to select a monocular microscope. Trinocular alternatives are the most expensive ones of all because they feature two eyepieces as well as a camera that should typically be connected to a computer so that you’re able to look at a laptop screen and see the image in greater detail. If you’re looking for a USB dissecting microscope, you need to consider the quality of the camera it comes with as well as its resolution.

Widefield eyepieces are less affordable compared to their standard counterparts, but since they are significantly easier to use by beginners and children, sometimes they may prove to be advantageous. With the help of these kinds of eyepieces, you’ll be able to look at a wider picture and therefore see a larger area on the specimen.


It all boils down to the magnification if you’re looking for the best value. The main question, in this case, is whether you intend to use the product for multiple types of specimens. Traditionally, the magnification of dissecting models is somewhat limited when compared to the one offered by high-end compound microscopes.

Thus, you’ll notice that the zoom objective can typically be used to enlarge the image for anything ranging from 0.7X to 4X and sometimes, even more. This doesn’t give you the freedom to use dissecting microscopes for bacterial smears, blood samples, and any other medical specimens that you might analyze in a laboratory. However, it’s a good option for individuals who want to have a peek at a circuit board where they suspect something has gone wrong. The same rule applies to jewelry makers and pawnbrokers who like to estimate the value of the piece they may be interested in purchasing.



Top dissecting microscope reviews in 2017


The best dissecting microscopes are showcased below. We’ve done extensive research on the topic and have concluded that these units are worth their weight in gold. In other words, if you intend to spend your money wisely and get a microscope that can serve you under most circumstances, maybe you’d like to check out the next models.



AmScope SM-4TZ-144A


1.AmScope SM-4TZ-144AThis AmScope model is one of the top rated stereo microscopes we’ve come across while performing our research, and that should count for something given that we’ve analyzed over one hundred options.

The product comes with a boom stand and allows owners to perform all the movements and adjustments they may need in order to complete their task. Thanks to the long working distance, the AmScope proves its use both in areas such as botany and jewelry making and circuit board work and dental appliances. Since this is a trinocular microscope, you’ll be able to rely on its features and make sure that your activities go as planned thanks to the long-lasting 144-bulb LED ring light.

The magnification range of the product is 3.5X to 90X but the microscope also comes with a zoom objective power of 0.7X to 4.5X.

Basically, if you decide to purchase the AmScope SM-4TZ-144A you’ll be getting a lot more other than the base unit, considering that the package also contains the zoom objective, two Barlow lenses, a focus rack, as well as a pair of eyepieces and eye guards. From what we’ve gathered, the model has not received any negative reviews as most of the owner feedback is favorable and speaks highly about its capabilities.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($529.98)





AmScope SE400X


2.AmScope SE400XThere are several differences between the previously showcased model and this one. The first one consists of the fact that the SE400X is a binocular microscope, which means that you won’t be able to take advantage of any camera.

Secondly, since it is a more affordable version of the formerly described model, the SE400X features many more components made of plastic. As previously discussed in the buying guide, sometimes it’s better to make an investment and get a microscope of which the housing has been constructed of metal. However, the optics are made of glass.

Another difference that you might notice is that the SE400X comes with a rather limited magnification. Users can select between the 5X or 10X views or use the objective that comes with a magnification of 1x. Also, the power of the LED light that comes along with the base unit might be less impressive when compared to the 144-bulb ring light featured by the SM-4TZ-144A.

If your work doesn’t need you to look at specimens in great detail, there’s nothing stopping you from using this microscope and getting great results. As is the case with the other unit we’ve talked about earlier on, this one comes with the eyepieces, one objective, two eye guards, and a complimentary dust cover.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($184.98)





AmScope SE306R-PZ


3.AmScope SE306R-PZThe SE306R-PZ is yet another affordable stereo microscope that’s worthy of your attention if you still haven’t decided which model you should purchase. Since it is priced under one hundred and fifty dollars, it might be just the right product for people who don’t want to break the bank.

However, the unit does have a set of limitations, particularly since it resembles a compound microscope in that the head isn’t movable. Therefore, the working distance can hardly be discussed as the applications for this unit are just a few, given that you won’t be able to maneuver thicker or wider specimens. Even so, jewelry making and other domains can significantly benefit from using the AmScope SE306R-PZ.

As for the durability of the item, you won’t have to worry about anything considering that the pillar stand has a metal framework.

The magnification that one can benefit from with this microscope is 20X, 40X, and 80X; plus, the AmScope SE306R-PZ also features a 2X and a 4X objective that are both included in the deal. Based on the consumer reviews we’ve stumbled upon, the AmScope SE306R-PZ offers sharp images regardless of the fact that the 20X eyepieces might lead to the picture turning out looking darker than expected.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($137.75)





AmScope SE306R-P20


4.AmScope SE306R-P20Just like the SE306R-PZ, the SE306R-P20 somewhat resembles the design of a compound microscope, in that it does not offer owners the amount of space and freedom of movements they might need to perform while examining a certain specimen.

However, since the product is reasonably priced and can often be bought for less than one hundred and twenty dollars, perhaps you might need to reassess your purpose to determine whether you are in need of a large workspace.

The neat thing about this model is that it is easy to work with, which makes it the top choice for classrooms or home use. If you want to teach your kid the basics of operating a microscope, the SE306R-P20 couldn’t be better.

The magnifications allowed by this unit include 20X, 40X, as well as 2X and 4X, as the last two are made possible by utilizing the included objectives. In a nutshell, the AmScope SE306R-P20 proves to be a rather dependable alternative if you don’t plan to spend a lot of money on a microscope but still want to get a fully functional, rather basic one. In spite of the fact that no accessories are included with this product, many owners seem to think that it offers tremendous value for the price.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($117.49)





Horizons Tec Digital


5.Horizons Tec Digital MicroscopeThe Horizons Tec microscope is clearly not designed for professional users. Nonetheless, it does have its strong points and will prove to be quite useful in a high school classroom or at home, while you’re explaining several biology notions to your kids.

Since the model isn’t designed as a compound microscope, it does offer a certain working distance in that you can utilize the arm to move the head so that it’s right above the sample you’re trying to analyze. Since this is not a classic alternative, it doesn’t come with an eyepiece, and so you won’t be able to glance right at what you’re examining using your own eyes.

However, the Horizons Tec Digital features USB connectivity that allows you to link up the device to your personal computer or laptop. Also, there have not been any compatibility issues reported by the people who took the time to review the performance of this model.

It seems that the unit does wonders when it’s connected either to a Windows or Mac computer. Since this Horizons Tec model is a digital microscope, it normally costs less than ninety dollars it goes without saying that it’s a product that is very hard to say no to.


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